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Leviathan Academy ~Zone (read comment section)

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Welcome to We Review; Don't we?.

Welcome to "We Review don't we?". This is a team of accepted reviewers who do reviews of comics,videos, and etc that are submitted. We are willing to review anything submitted as long as it meets a requirements of at least 20-30 pages/comics in. Be warned; we will be giving honest opinions and nothing in the review will be personal; and will be non biased. Different reviewers have different styles; So certain reviewers can be requested if they accept. We review in categories of Presentation, Story, Characters, and Originality; Reviewers are allowed to add sub categories in their review if they wish. Current Reviewers: ZoneTh DayOfMist Light-Called-Hope Floob We are Currently looking for reviewers. So feel free to apply and give some info and demonstrations of work in the applications. Review submissions can be anything from comics, journal entries, short stories, and some videos.

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We Review; Don't we? launches!

Posted by Zonethehedgehog
June 29th, 2013, 11:51 am
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Today marks the momentous date of the launch of We Review; Don't we?! Comics coming soon!

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